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Dresses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and there is one to suit everyone, whatever body shape you have. Maxi dresses are particularly good at suiting everyone as they cover a multitude of sins and come in all kinds of colors and patterns. There are styles with loads of material that flow all around you, and ones that are more form fitting that drape nicely to the ground. Whichever style you choose everyone needs a maxi dress for the beach, and if you choose well you can wear it all day and then dress it up just a little for the evening.

Pick your colors

Maxi dresses come in loads of colors and patterns, so you’ll be able to find one that suits you and fits into current trends. Pick a one color dress in a bold bright shade to stand out in the crowd, try and  choose a color that goes with your skin tone and hair; dark coloring looks great in bright reds and yellows, and paler girls will look great in cool blues and rich greens. If you don’t want to pick just one color then mix them up in a pattern; choose contrasting colors for a trendy look, or go for shades of the same color for a less ‘in your face’ look. Try blues and turquoises in a swirly pattern for a great beach look, or how about a spotty pattern for something different? Mix up yellows, pinks and oranges in swirls or paisley for a seventies inspired brighter than bright maxi dress, or choose a dip dyed pink or red on black for an elegant but colorful style. Maxi dresses look great in pretty much any color and any pattern so match your color and style to your mood and you’ll look and feel great.

Shape your body

If you want to look your best it is a good idea to choose a maxi dress that suits your body shape. Petite girls are better avoiding a lot of material or a big pattern as both will swamp you and make you look completely lost. Try a straighter maxi dress that is a little figure hugging and a small, dainty pattern or a plain color if you are little; a long dress that hugs your body will elongate you, and you can cheat a little and add heels in the evening or wedge sandals on the beach to give you extra height.  Tall skinny girls should choose a maxi dress with a bit of body contour shape if they want to add a few curves; go for a lighter panel down the front of the dress for a curvier effect, and choose a fitted shape that clings to the curves that you do have.

If you are pear shaped and want to hide your hips and butt a little, then choose a maxi dress that is tight under your bust and the flows down your body, skimming your hips. There are styles that have a drawstring under your boobs that will give support and shape, and cover up lumps and bumps lower down.  These maxi dresses are also great for larger girls; you can show off your great cleavage and draw attention away from the tummy area. Heels make every body type look taller and generally slimmer, and you’ll feel and look sexier in a pair of heels as they tip your body forward a little which makes you stand up straighter and pull your shoulders back. You can add size to a smaller bust by choosing a halter neck style of maxi dress; this neckline pulls your boobs together and up and creates a great cleavage. Detailing such as frills, ruffles or embellishment around the neckline can also help make your bust look bigger.

Stripes are great for creating illusions about your body shape, especially over a large area like a maxi dress. Vertical stripes will make you look taller, but choose a dress with clever stripes that curve in and out and you’ll have an instant hourglass figure. Horizontal stripes are traditionally supposed to make you look wider, but go for ones that get thinner in the middle of the dress and wider to the bottom and you’ll look instantly taller.

There really is a maxi dress for all occasions; relax on the beach in colorful swirls or flower patterns, or stand out in bold, bright block colors. Dress it up in the evening with a long, metal necklace and jangly bracelets or big earrings, and throw a little jacket or a shawl for smarter venues over your shoulders to keep out the chill. Wedge sandals for the beach and heels for the evening add height which is often needed for a maxi dress, but they look equally good with pretty jeweled flip flops or flat sandals. When you need a versatile summer dress, a maxi dress is the perfect choice.

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    maxi dresses are a great addition to a wardrobe, both casual and sexy and can be worn on a variety of occasions: whether relaxing at the beach or relaxing in town.

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