Women’s Designer Coats: How to Select Them Using 5 Guidelines

X - 1 designer coats1Long clothing that can provide additional warmth to your body and that is manufactured by a certain company is called a designer coat. During fashion shows, models usually wear designer coats when winter season is fast approaching. But you should not just buy one after seeing those models wear them. Choose the best one for you by following these 5 guidelines.

Consider how your designer coat will fit in your wardrobe.

The styles of your other clothes should complement with the style of your designer coat. For example, a striped designer coat can be placed in a closet together with other clothes that have preppy style.

Know where you want to wear your designer coat more often.

A classic tailored wool designer coat is ideal to wear if you want to work in an office. A down designer coat can be worn if you want to attend a tailgate party. If you want to go to a theater, wear a long designer coat with beautiful details. A parka can be worn if you want to attend sports practices and music lessons with your children.

A designer coat with adjustable cuffs can be worn if you want to go to areas that have too much wind and rain. The adjustable cuffs can protect the designer coat’s inner sleeves from those harsh weather elements.

Select a designer coat that will flatter your figure.

A designer coat with a V-neckline can hide your large chest or broad shoulders. If your body does not have curves, wear a designer coat that comes with a belt. Your feminine hourglass shape will be created by the belt that is cinching your waist. A designer coat that is an inch higher above your knees can make you look taller. If you are petite, do not wear a designer coat with many details because it can give the illusion of excess weight.

Choose a designer coat that gives value for your money

A high quality designer coat is usually expensive because it has excellent durability. The right time to buy designer coats is now, at the end of a winter season, because they are heavily discounted.

X - 1 designer coats

Choose a designer coat with the right colors.

A designer coat with neutral colors like black, beige, gray, or camel can make you look classy. A sassy look can be emphasized by wearing a designer coat with bold colors such as red, coral, or fuchsia.

Remember, do not just buy designer coats that are the latest fashion trends. Make sure that you choose a designer coat from a reputed shop.

Navy Blue Block Jumper for Comfort and Fashion

X - Navy Blue Block JumperA must-have for the season is the Navy Blue Block Jumper by Elvi. It is a comfortable jumper made in the colored tones of blue with soft round neck and ribbed edges. It is made of 100% acrylic. It has the comfort factor because its ability of moisture management. It is durable and needs low maintenance because it resists spills of chemicals, sunlight degradation and moth attack. It is also easy to wash and requires no ironing. It retains its color well and defies wrinkling. It is lightweight and easy to wear, protecting the wearer as well with its anti-bacterial properties.  Its elasticity makes it fit closely yet leaves enough space for action without bulk. It has insulation properties that give warmth in winter. It is a popular, trendy and fashionable outfit especially for cold seasons. It can be worn on any day of the week because it is not too formal or too rugged. It is also the reason why it is also ideal as an office wear. Buying knitwear can save lots of money compared to other designer clothing.

The Elvi navy blue block jumper can be paired with skinny jeans and ankle boots. This is the kind of fashion that never gets old. It is kind of baggy which is good with chunky knits, making it cozier. In cold seasons, Elvi’s block jumper’s size fits nicely. It makes it flexible enough for more possibilities in fashion statements like for example, layering it with a scarf which can make it more functional. It is one of the best chic fashion statements one could have. It is a way of having fun with shapes while giving the body room to breathe.

This is perfect for women with slim or fuller body figure. Just like other clothing by Elvi, the navy blue block jumper offers a trendy, chic and comfortable choice for dressing. It feels great to be wearing a jumper made of light material.  Because this jumper is easy to wear, the person wearing it feels great and others around her will not fail to notice it.  The tones of colors are flattering because of the shades used. It is a cool color suitable for the weather.

It is one of the essentials simply because it lasts long and is wearable all year round. It is such a great option of buying high quality yet trendy knitwear at a lower price compared to other clothing brands.

Girls Going Strapless: Sexy at its Next Level

1strapless bras 1A woman’s breast is one of her greatest assets. Many men would first look at a woman’s chest first before recognizing her face. This is why some women are concerned with how their breasts look. They may not be able to do something about the size, but they can with shape, and they do it with the help of a bra.

Brassiere or bra is widely used by women in almost all parts of the world. Besides keeping the breasts in good shape, bras are also used to protect the sensitive breasts and support them while the woman does her everyday activity.

Bras come in different types and shapes. One common type of bra is a strapless bra. Strapless bras are used mainly by women who wear spaghetti straps or tube blouses. Such garments expose much of the shoulder and upper chest, and wearing a regular strapped-bra usually ruins the style. This is why this type of bra is worn together with such blouses. Since there are no straps, the style of the garments is fully expressed. Women also appear sexier with strapless bras especially when worn with formal and evening gown. Most gowns are made with wide neckline, most of the time reaching the edge of the shoulder. This kind of bra helps let out the full style of the gown by hiding any sign of underwear inside the glamorous garment.

Strapless bras help give out a sexier impression for a woman. With this type of bra, you can fully achieve the style of the gown you wear. Since most gowns are designed with bare shoulders, this type of bra protects your breasts without showing much of the undergarment.

Some bras are made with detachable straps to make them strapless. This kind of bra is suitable for women who changes style often, and this bra is good for any type of clothing the woman prefers to wear.

Strapless bras are designed in a different way compared to other conventional bras. Since they don’t have straps that support their position on the breasts, some of them slide down to the midsection while the women move, dance, or even walk, making the breasts exposed. The bras are made to have an extra holding feature at the side part to hug the wearer’s chest tighter, making it less likely to slide down. There are a number of cases where women wearing strapless bra experienced the sliding down of the bra, they should be more careful of it and make sure to wear the one that perfectly fits their torso. Read here to understand how to choose a strapless bra: http://ohsofrench.com/2013/08/08/how-to-find-the-perfect-strapless-bra/

Designer Tops: For You or Not For You?

Designer Tops 3Fashion is more than just a couple of bags, shirts and shoes. It represents a woman’s very own personality. Is she timeless? Or is she fierce? Does she go for thrift shop staples? Or does she invest in designer heels?

But if there’s a fashion must-have that any woman needs to have in her closet, it’s got to be a handful of the most gorgeous designer tops!

Designer tops come in a wide variety of colours, styles, shapes and patterns. With each designer carefully adhering to what defines their brand. The more there is to choose from, the more difficult it gets for a woman to choose what top is best for her.

Thankfully, there are several different factors that can guide her in choosing the right designer tops. These include, but are not limited to, her colour preference, value for money, comfort level, and the over-all style of the garment.

So what factors should a woman consider before investing in a designer top?

The first and most important by far has got to be the quality of the work that goes into a specific top. It is no secret that designer clothes come with designer prices. However, with the high prices, a woman is most often assured that she gets the best value for her money. Not only are the clothes made out of the best quality materials, but they are made with the utmost care. With every aspect of the production process, from the designing to every detail in the stitching, the tops are made to remain durable for a long time. Well worth the money paid for in the first place!

For the women who are meticulous when it comes to what they wear, colour is an equally important factor. Colour is, after all, the first thing people tend to notice about what you’re wearing. It can immediately communicate non verbally what the wearer of the top is feeling. Such as when a person feels joyful, or in a celebratory mood, they prefer brighter, lighter colours. On the contrary, when people are in a sorrowful mood, they tend to wear darker colours. In addition, it is also important to ensure that the top’s colour matches or complements a woman’s skin tone, also, it is a well-known fact that certain colours of clothes can bring out the colour in a person’s eyes and hair.

Aside from colour, another essential factor for fashion enthusiasts is the texture and quality of the fabric itself. A fabric’s texture plays a heavy role as it can make or break the look of the designer top. Fabric in itself should appeal to the senses – not only looking expensive, but also feeling luxurious. Designer tops generally made out of high quality fabric makes the body look smooth and sleek. It’s safe to say the texture of the fabric matters!

Finally, the factor that serves as a no-brainer, the prevalent season also plays an integral part in choosing the right designer top. Naturally, different seasons entail different colours and styles. During the spring or summer, loose fitting and light coloured tops are preferred for their comfort during the warmer weather. While during the winter and cooler seasons, darker coloured tops and thicker fabrics are preferred.

Whatever your style or preference, one thing will always prove to be true. A classic designer top is a treasure deserving of a coveted spot in your very own closet.

Why Buy Prom Dresses Online?

Prom Dresses Online 1For first timers, buying prom dresses online can be a daunting experience. This is primarily because they can’t fit or see the dresses before paying for it. However, there are a lot of advantages of online prom dress shopping.

Advantages of Online Shopping

All ladies want to look their very best on prom night. This is why they spend a lot of time searching for the right dress, experimenting on hairstyles and looking for the perfect makeup look. With all the hard work that they put in to their preparations, the absolutely worst thing that could happen is finding someone that has the same dress as them. This usually is the result when 10 to 15 girls are shopping in the same local boutique.

For ladies who will be shopping for their prom dresses online, there will be slim to zero chances of buying the same dress as the others because of the plethora of options available online and the countless number of stores selling them.

Shopping online is much more convenient too. Unlike those dresses that are sold in actual stores, most online stores carry the same dress in different sizes and different colors too. Other specialty stores even allow personalization of designs if preferred.

Important Reminders

Because the dress can’t be fitted prior to purchase, online shoppers need to know that sizing charts in online stores may differ. So, always compare actual body measurements with the stores’ charts.Prom Dresses Online 2

Also, read the description of each dress meticulously to decipher if the material and make of the dress is actually high quality. Bear in mind that the actual dress color may be a tad brighter or darker than it is when viewed online because of computer’s monitor.

Finally, only stick to reputable online stores to avoid any problems. Make sure that you order your dress two to three weeks before the actual prom. In case of problems, there will still be lots of time to return the dress and order a new one.